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A nonprofit that places banners with inspiring spiritual quotes on thousands of web sites worldwide as a public service.  


This Reiki web site supports the Reiki Universal Healing principles and ethics.

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Est. 1962. over 49 years Expertise,  Near death experiences, clairvoyance, six generation of women psychics. Special Appearances, Interviews, Consulting, Spiritual Advisory. Awards. recognitions & testimonials, Credible, Accurate & High Integrity.

Spiritual Insights, Healing, Success Mentoring and Metaphysical Assistance, online and via phone. Want to be inspired and motivated? Listen to the Official Webcast of

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Universal Psychic Guild 
 a world wide organization devoted to making your life happier and more successful in all areas of Psychic readings, Clairvoyant readings, Tarot readings and many other areas of spirituality.
Universal Psychic Guild - Psychic Readings, Tarot readings, clairvoyant readings



View and learn about Sacred Geometry, Intuitive Art, Meditation, Magical Places. Enjoy online galleries, great links, recommended reading, and tips on natural highs - Journey Inward!


Directory of Alternative Medicine


The Aumara Light & Healing Circle - A Place for Healing And Inspiration 
Embark on a spiritual journey with distant healing, join us in global healing and meditation, choose your personal healing stone, browse through our inspiration gallery and on-line bookstore, visit our spiritual marketplace, and much more. offers science articles in various categories, a science quiz, links, games, science and nature poems, comments, weekly newsletter, latest science news and science webcams.


A Day with the Wolves: TopWaya's Flute Melodies with wolves at


Beautiful,colourful and luminous mandalas by contemporary mandala artist. An exploration of the mandala as an inner process and medium for artistic exploration and expression.




Click for the Psychics and Mediums  Network. For Spiritualist and Psychic Chat, Free Psychic Readings and Paranormal Directory
Click Here for

Shamanic healing light center is a resource for the study and practice of esoteric healing and psychology, energy work, spiritual astrology and prophecy, metaphysics, and more.

 Quotes, Sayings and Stories to Inspire and Uplift A site dedicated to inspiration, insight and healing through the magic and power of words                               
FREE and affordable, delightful and motivational books, recordings, gifts for people of all ages, cultures, spiritual paths, and walks of life!
A wide, ever-evolving selection of materials to help adults achieve dreams,
affirm couples, uplift seniors, and motivate/guide children, youths, young adults.

Good Health Directory

Click Here to Visit Jamestown Therapeutic Massage






Extraordinary Mind, Body & Soul Resources Directory
Extraordinary Mind, Body
& Soul Resources Directory


Psychic Reading Phone a Psychic
Phone Psychic
A Phone Psychic can answer your questions regarding love, life, money, career, relationships and many more. Accurate Psychics from Australia are ready to take your call and provide you with genuine answers.

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