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Payment Page

Payment Options
1) U.S. Certified/Cashier Check or Money Order 
Please note: Personal checks will not be accepted.
             Reiki With Trust LLC
             P.O. Box 1377
             Burlington, Ct  06013

2) PayPal Account or Secure Credit Card.

Originally I offered both PayPal and Verisign as methods for a client to pay for my services. 
If one did not have an account with PayPal, Verisign was offered as a safe well-known alternative.

PayPal has purchased Verisign. It now makes sense for me to just use one button.

Weather you have a PayPal account or not, click the PayPal payments button. (You will NOT be required to join PayPal.)
If you would rather not use PayPal you will by given another option
you click on the  PayPal button. 

You will see..
If you do not currently have a PayPal account     Click Here

After you click on the grey  Click Here button you will be prompted to enter your credit card information just as you had before with Verisign. In fact, is still is Verisign working for PayPal.

To Purchase my service....
To make immediate and secure payment with a Credit Card or use PayPal, click  the PayPal icon which corresponds to the treatment you would like to purchase. 

*If you are not yet registered with PayPal and would like to, you will need to do so only once. 
       From that point on, you can make secure credit card purchases on the net without delay. 
       The service is secure and e-mail based. 
       Clicking on the icons below will automatically take you to a payment page. 


      *As I mentioned above,
you will NEED TO CLICK the PayPal button even if you will not be using

        If you have any difficulty, email me  here....
               anna     "at " 
   I expect this transition to be painless:) 


Single Event Treatment $37.00  
Fourteen-Day Treatment $77.00  
Thirty-Day Treatment $147.00  

 Reiki is to be used as a wonderful compliment to medical/psychiatric licensed  professional care.
 Reiki should not be used as a substitute for professional medical/psychiatric treatment. 

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