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Weekly Reiki Subscription Page

To Purchase a Subscription - Click on the appropriate PayPal icon.
To make immediate and secure payment with a credit card, click  the PayPal symbol which corresponds to the subscription you would like to purchase. 

PAYPAL - Secure payment with  a credit card.
If you are not yet registered with PayPal, you will need to do so just as you do whenever you make an online purchase.  Once registered, making online purchases becomes much easier and quicker. From this point on, you can make secure credit card purchases on the net without delay. The service is secure and e-mail based. 

By clicking on the PAYPAL  icons below you will have purchased a Weekly Reiki Subscription. If you are not a Paypal member, you will automatically be taken to a registration page. After you register, you will be able to complete the transaction. 
It is very important that you click on the button    

If you do not, then your sessions & payments will not be reoccurring as you had wished.   

Reiki Subscription - 1 Day a Week                      


Reiki Subscription - 3 Days a Week                     


Reiki Subscription - 7 Days a Week                 

To Change Your Subscription, click on the PayPal icons above. 
The buttons allow for both
Signing Up for a subscription and future Modifications.

Reiki is to be used as a wonderful compliment to medical/psychiatric licensed  professional care.
 Reiki should not be used as a substitute for professional medical/psychiatric treatment. 

If you are NOT interested in a Weekly Reiki Subscription, then you are on the wrong page. To register for the Intensive Short Term Sessions below click here.

Intensive Short Term Sessions
Single event - $37
14 day           - $77
 30 day           -  $147
Intensive Short Term Reiki Distance Energy Healing Session

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