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You have been invited to join Reiki With Trust LLC's "Spread the Love" email list.
You are receiving this email because at some point in time you have demonstrated an interest in Reiki. You may have either used my Reiki Distance Healing services or entered the Complimentary Free Month Reiki drawing via my website You might have even been one of the lucky monthly winners! I know many of you have been sifting through google search results in an effort to find me and my Reiki service again so I'm happy to finally organize a way to stay in touch.

What is the "Spread the Love" Distance Energy Healing Newsletter? A little history is required so please bear with me. In 2001 I had launched a Reiki Distance Energy Healing website called Included in this site was, and still is, a Reiki-Charged Sunset. This was a pioneering effort at Reiki charging a non-living digital "object". Upon viewing the Reiki-Charged sunset, the feedback from my website visitors was amazing. The loving healing energy of Reiki emminating from my Reiki charged sunset image was consciously felt and enjoyed by my visitors!

As a result of the exciting feedback from my site visitors, along with complaints that it was too hard to find my website again in search results, I decided to offer monthly newletters featuring the gift of a Reiki-Charged image. The Reiki energy radiating from the charged image will be available for the recipient to enjoy for 24 hours after opening their email. The image is Reiki programmed to recharge itself with Reiki upon being forwarded to friends and family. "Spreading the Love" is accomplished by lovingly forwarding the Reiki filled email to those you love....hence "Spreading the Love".

In addititon to my Reiki-Charged images, special offers, changes, articles, musings as well as Reiki "gifts" may also be included content of "Spread the Love" newsletters.

By being on the Reiki With Trust LLC "Spread the Love" email list we will both have the opportunity of staying in touch and "Spreading the Love"!

Concerning privacy, rest assured that your information will remain private. Your email address will not be sold or randomly given away. I look forward to hearing from you




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